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LED Tower Stack Lights-Steady & Flashing

LED Tower Stack Lights-Steady & Flashing

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The NEW TLF LED Stacklight is a New and Improved Tower Light from LD-52XX Series LED Andon light for Continuous and Flashing operation. It Provides more LEDs, a Brighter Light that Covers the Entire Lens, Longer Lasting LED Chips, a Longer Pole and a more durable Polycarbonate Lens and Through-Bolt Design. Call for Availability of the original LD-521 Series Andon Stack Lights. These are Ready to Wire Light requiring Controls and Power to be Connected to Operate.


  • Double Prism, Polycarbonate Lens for Ultimate Brightness & Durability
  • Multi-tiered Reflector Provides Excellent 360 Degree Visibility
  • 8 inch long, 18mm Diameter Pole is Threaded at Bottom (M18x1.5 thread)
  • Right Angle Mounting Bracket, Nuts and Washers Included for Easy Installation
  • 50,000 Hour LED Life
  • Power draw .07A @ 24VDC/.05A @ 110VAC per Light Section
  • Operating Temperature is 60C to -30C (140F to -22F)
  • Standard Color Sequence 1-Red, 2-Red/Green, 3-Red/Amber/Green, 4-Red/Amber/Blue/Green, 5-Red/Amber/Green/Blue/White (please call for custom sequences)
  • Flashing Model ONLY - Flashing Rate : 60-80 flashes/min
  • DC versions are PNP and NPN
  • IP44 Rated, RoHS Compliant, CE, 

24VDC Models are UL 508 Approved

LED Tower Light comes standard with a 8 inch mounting pole and a wall mount-mounting right-angle bracket. With a 2-inch diameter cylindrical light stack, this Tower Light Beacon has a 360-degree viewing angle. It is available in Continuous Only and Contunuous & Flashing options with 1 to 5 light sections.

                                      Equivalent Model Chart

                                   24VDC Signaworks        24VDC LEDAndon  
                                        TLF-24-1                      LD-5221-101
                                        TLF-24-2                      LD-5222-101
                                        TLF-24-3                      LD-5223-101 
                                        TLF-24-4                      LD-5224-101
                                        TLF-24-5                      LD-5225-101

                                 120VAC Signaworks        120VAC LEDAndon 
                                       TLF-120-1                     LD-5211-101
                                       TLF-120-2                     LD-5212-101
                                       TLF-120-3                     LD-5213-101 
                                       TLF-120-4                     LD-5214-101
                                       TLF-120-5                     LD-5215-101

Wiring is switched 120VAC Hot with Neutral as common and the light pulls .07A @ 24VDC/.05A @ 110VAC per light section. They are ready-to-wire and require power and controls to be connected to operate. Please see our Andon Tower Lights page to see plug-and-play pre-wired with power and control wires if that is what you are looking for.

The new version TLF and TLS have fixed LED bulbs with magnifying reflectors to provide a bright light to cover the entire lens with a longer life.

These LED andon lights, tower lights, stacklights and more are an inexpensive and easy tool for improving vital communication on the factory and warehouse floor. If you have any questions on the types of andon lights we supply, feel free to contact us via phone or email us at

LED andon lights, LED tower lights and LED stacklights are commonly used for indication of request for assistance. These are used for a wide variety of needs. Common uses for industrial andons are material call, supervisor call, down reason, maintenance call, quality inspect, changeover indicator, reject assist and more. Industrial andons are an easy and inexpensive means to improve plant floor communications. Industrial LED tower lights offered in stand alone lights or complete plug in stations in our ST series. LED stacklights are ideal for any facility looking for inexpensive and fast ways to improve the workplace efficiency.

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