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LED Production Pace Timer/Counter (Piece, Cycle, Rate)

LED Production Pace Timer/Counter (Piece, Cycle, Rate)



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AF-2720-101 LED UNIT: Production Pace Timer. Count Up Operation.

OPERATION: The "GOAL" field displays a realtime running goal auto incrementing from operator entered pace anytime the unit is not in hold mode. This field can optionally display a static non-changing goal value if customer enters a goal value register and leaves the unit in a hold state.

The "ACTUAL" field is the current actual count of pieces processed by the line. This field is reset to zero by operator at the start of the shift and counts up as parts are completed via 12VDC contact closure from customer's PLC, sensor or switch output device.

AF-2720-912 LED UNIT: Production cycle timer in MMMM format. Time down operation.

OPERATION: The "GOAL" field displays a STATIC CYCLE TIME GOAL programmed via keypad.

The "ACTUAL" field displays the actual CYCLE time down from operator entered pace goal. Anytime the unit is in run mode and reset or actual signal seen, this field will reset to goal and time down in whole minutes. If a count signal is not seen upon reaching zero, field will begin a time up flashing to display overrage. In addition, unit will activate a solid YELLOW stack light state for XX minutes (user programmable), then a solid RED stack light state for xx minutes (also user programmable), followed by a flashing RED stack light state until a count signal is seen. **RED/YELLOW STACKLIGHT SOLD SEPARATELY. SEE KT-2720-912.

AF-2720-906 LED UNIT: Production ratemeter in cycles/hr or cycles/min. Operator enters goal average rate using keypad.

OPERATION: The GOAL line displays an operator entered goal production rate.

The ACTUAL line of the marquee displays a real time measured average production rate, computed from accumulated run time and accumulated piece count. The average rate can be computed in Pieces Per Hour or Pieces Per Minute. A reset input is provided for connection to a controlling device, or the operator may reset the ARM via the front panel keypad.

Two lines of four digits per line. Top line red is Production Goal Average Rate, bottom line green is Production Actual Average Rate.

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