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LED Andon Stack Light with Flashing & Audible

LED Andon Stack Light with Flashing & Audible

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LED Tower Light comes standard with a 3.5 inch mounting pole and a wall mount-mounting bracket. With a 2-inch diameter cylindrical light stack, this Tower Light Beacon has a 360-degree viewing angle.

Wiring is powered +24VDC and -Ground. Signals are switched via contact closure between supplied steady common (or alternatively, flashing common) and desired output signal wires. Power consumption is less than 8 Watts.

Made for an easy install, the replaceable LED bulbs make the Tower Light conveniently easy for maintenance and upkeep compared to incandescent versions.

The Stack Light casing has a sealant rating of IP 55 (limited ingress protection from dust and low-pressure water).

                                     Equivalent Model Chart

                                   24VDC LEDAndon        24VDC Signaworks  
                                       LD-5221-101                   TLF-24-1
                                       LD-5222-101                   TLF-24-2
                                       LD-5223-101                   TLF-24-3 
                                       LD-5224-101                   TLF-24-4
                                       LD-5225-101                   TLF-24-5

                                 120VAC LEDAndon        120VAC Signaworks 
                                       LD-5211-101                   TLF-120-1
                                       LD-5212-101                   TLF-120-2
                                       LD-5213-101                   TLF-120-3 
                                       LD-5214-101                   TLF-120-4
                                       LD-5215-101                   TLF-120-5

*24VDC Powered Flashing Capable Type Replacement led bulb numbers are:
LD-2782-102 -RED
LD-2782-104 -YEL
LD-2782-105 -GRN
LD-2782-106 -BLU
LD-2782-109 -WHT

These LED andon lights, tower lights, stacklights and more are an inexpensive and easy tool for improving vital communication on the factory and warehouse floor. If you have any questions on the types of andon lights we supply, feel free to contact us via phone or email us at 
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