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LED Andon Stations Continuous AND Flashing - Original

LED Andon Stations Continuous AND Flashing - Original

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Continuous AND Flashing Stations are typically used for larger applications where two states per color are needed. These are provided with simple On/Off/On switches that activate Continuous/Off/Flashing. These stations are ideal for operations that would like a simple mount and operate device. These come already assembled and wired with industry standard three prong AC power cords. Mounting machine screws are provided for box mount.

Stations use L.E.D. lights with replaceable L.E.D. bulbs. Bulb type is a BA15S for easy future replacement.

*120VAC Powered Flashing Capable Station Replacement LED Bulbs:

LD-2782-102 -RED (24v bulb)
LD-2782-104 -YEL (24v bulb)
LD-2782-105 -GRN (24v bulb)
LD-2782-106 -BLU (24v bulb)
LD-2782-109 -WHT (24v bulb)

LED Andon Light Stations are an assembled version of our convenient LED Andon Light kits. The ST series offers the same functionality with advantage of ability to order, pull out of packaging, mount, plug in and it's ready for use. These stations are ideal for facilities that do not have staffed electricians or skill sets required to assemble and wire. LED Andon Light Stations offer fast vital communication on the factory or warehouse floor for a reasonable price. Low cost, but efficient long lasting LED technology. Great for lean manufacturing implementation for every workstation. If you have any questions on the types of andon lights or andon stations we supply, feel free to contact us via phone or email us at 
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