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LED Pilot Lights - 22mm

LED Pilot Lights - 22mm



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22mm panel mount LED indicator lights are frequently utilized as signal indicators on control cabinets, switch stations, machine adjustment panels, hand held control equipment, etc.

Indicator series is available in one of five colors with color LED and corresponding color cover lens. This cover feature in particular is designed to be effective as a translucent light filter in order to appropriately diffuse the light thereby eliminating common issues such as visible 'dots' in the LED placement locations known as 'hot spots'. This visibility issue with LED (and incandescent) panel indicators is commonly overlooked in lower priced indicator industries.

The wiring terminations are screw terminal interface. Power consumption is 0.8W. This product bears the CE and TUV markings for safety and conformity.

Weight: 0.2 pounds
Power Voltage: 120VAC, 24VDC
Logic Voltage: 120VAC, 24VDC
Color: Red, Yellow, Green, Blue, White
LED Lifespan: 25,000-50,000 Hours Typical
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